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Self Service Model

Reporting a problem or bug

For request for information, ideas, features, technical support and status, please contact us on

For technical support during the implementation phase of your integration project on Privacy APIs or Identity/OIDC/OAUTH2, please join our slack channel #trust-as-a-service on (

Defect Resolution Procedures

We will assign all Defects one of four response priorities, dependent upon the problems caused by the Defect. We may re-assign prioritisation levels assigned by you in our trouble ticketing system, to reflect the problem descriptions below. Our assignment will be consistent with the problem descriptions described below. Priority categories are as follows:

Severity Level Description
1 (Urgent) **Emergency Issue. **Defect resulting in full or partial system outage or a condition that makes the DPS unusable or unavailable in production for all of your Users.
2 (High) Significant Business Impact. Defect resulting in a condition where major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced; issue is persistent and affects many Users and/or major functionality.
3 (Normal) Minor Feature / Function Issue / General Question. Defect results in a component of the DPS not performing as expected or documented or an inquiry by your representatives regarding general technical issues/questions
4 (Low) Minor Problem / Enhancement Request. Information requested on DPS capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration; enhancement request.

Defect Responses

The priority of a Defect will dictate the timing and nature of the response as specified in the table below:

Defect Severity Level Target Response Time (Standard) Target Response Time (Enterprise)  Target Response Time (Preferred) Solution Definition (one or more of the following)
1 (Urgent) 1 business hours 30 minutes 30 minutes Issue is resolved. Workaround is provided. Fix is provided. Fix incorporated into future release.
2 (High) 4 business hours 2 hours 1 hour Issue is resolved. Workaround is provided. Fix is provided. Fix incorporated into future release.
3 (Normal) 1 business day 12 hours 8 hours Issue is resolved. Workaround is provided. Fix incorporated into future release. Answer to question is provided.
4 (Low) 2 business days 24 hours 12 hours Answer to question is provided. Enhancement request logged.

Support Hours

Ü will provide support for Severity Level 1 Defects on a 24x7 basis. For all other defects, we will provide support during the hours specified below:

Standard Enterprise / Preferred
6AM to 6PM (our local time), Monday to Friday 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday

Support Languages

We provide all technical support in English.


During the Subscription Term, we will provide or install Updates if and when they are made generally commercially available by DPS to its customers, at no additional cost to you.

Service Status

The DPS status page contains information on current production status and will be updated during an outage. After an outage, a root-cause analysis is performed and made available via this page.

Environment URL

Please check the status page before creating a support request. If the status page contains a notification about an outage, our team will already be working on restoring service as quickly as possible. Once the issue is resolved, the status page will be updated to reflect that. There is a button on the page to subscribe to notifications of any changes. A root-cause analysis will be published to the status page once an investigation has been done.