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Status and transitions

This is a description of possible status and transitions of privacy requests

Status Description Transitions Related fields
initiated Request has been initiated by the user initiated => acknowledge
initiated => failed
-created time
-requested time
-requested by
acknowledged Request has been acknowledged by client service and processing of request has started acknowledged => withdrawn
acknowledged => pending
-acknowledged time
completed Request has been completed by client service. No other processing is needed. Response should include the final status of the request itself based on the type of privacy request (approved/rejected/complete) pending => completed - completed time
withdrawn Request has been withdrawn from the user regardless of its status acknowledged => withdrawn
pending => withdrawn
completed => withdrawn
-withdrawn time
-withdrawn by
failed Request failed to be acknowledged by client after X retries OR client have received and acknowledged the request, but for some reason can't complete the request initiated => failed
acknowledged => failed
pending => failed
-initial failed time
-last failed time
-failed count
pending Request is in process at the client. Optional status as this is in fact a transition between acknowledging and responding with a response. acknowledged => pending
pending => withdrawn
pending => failed
pending => completed

Request status flow