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Provisioning data

Depending on what role you wish to take, there are different conditions that must be met.

Application / Service

An application/service that wishes to consume or manipulate data within an entity that supplies data, must first be provisioned in Access Exchange.

Data storage / device

A data storage entity (such as a device) must register a claim key, so that a legal entity may take ownership of the data storage. To make the data storage accessible the entity must also register its resources.

Set claim key

The set claim key action is sent to the orchestrator. The claim key is used by a legal entity to claim the ownership of the entity. Therefore it is important that the key be long and random enough to be globally unique. The vendor/organisation name is automatically added to the claim key and must be used for claiming.

For implementation details see the protocol definition

Set resources

The resources must be registered in the orchestrator.

For implementation details see the protocol definition