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Picking a compatible XMPP library

Selecting a XMPP library is a personal choice. It depends on a numerous of factors including but not limited to; programming language, deployment systems, licenses, costs and personal style.

Luckily there are many existing XMPP libraries. A few of them are listed on but there are many more out there.

Many legacy libraries that does not support newer XEPs (XMPP modules) are still compatible with Access Exchange.

The requirements for Access Exchange are simple; XMPP Core with SASL External support.

Configuring the XMPP library

To connect to Access Exchange you need to configure your XMPP library to connect to a Clayster XMPP server (hostname). As login mechanism, you must configure SASL External and supply your X509 certificate.

Your user and domain must match the information in the certificate.